Water Task Force

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance surface water, ground water, and related land resources of Wright County through the development of a comprehensive water management plan.  During the plan formulation, current programs impacting water resources will be evaluated for their effectiveness.

Water Task Force By-Laws


Voting Members

Mark Deliden - County Commissioner

Mark McNamara - SWCD Representative

Bob Peterson - Sportsman Representative

Doug Triplett - Township Representative

Gloria Wynnemer - Citizen-At-Large

Paul Zabinski - Lake Association Representative

Vacant - City Administrator Association

Dave Marquart - Agricultural Representative

Lynn Kissock - Mayors Association

Committee Administrator

Alicia O’Hare Wright SWCD, Water Resource Specialist

For more information regarding the Water Plan or the Water Task Force Committee,
please contact the SWCD at (763) 682-1933 Ext. 3.