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Forsman Farms Named “Outstanding Conservationists” For 2019

The Wright Soil and Water Conservation District has named Forsman Farms “Outstanding Conservationists for 2019.”  David and Peter Forsman, of Forsman Farms, are fourth generation Wright County Farmers.  With 3.1 million laying hens and farming 1,000 acres in Minnesota and Iowa, the Forsmans have come a long way from the original 1918 farm that Great-Grandpa Albert bought between Howard Lake and Cokato.  In the 1950’s, Grandpa Norman Forsman built the first egg production cage system in the state.  In the 1970’s David and Peter’s Father, Gary bought the farm and increased the capacity from 10,000 to 60,000 hens.

Innovation has always been a part of the Forsmans’ operation.  Since 2010, nearly all manure has been dried and pelletized, significantly reducing emissions.  Waste on the Forsmans’ farms has value and current goals will improve this system even further in the future.  The Forsmans’ goal is building a system “above and beyond” current regulations to ensure compliance and sustainability for decades.

Forsmans were recently water quality certified in the MN Ag. Water Quality Certification Program.  Last year, a 50 acre wetland bank was constructed on marginal farmland that benefits water quality and capacity of Joint Ditch #15.  Conservation has always been a focus for the Forsmans.  “We all enjoy our lakes, it just makes sense to reduce erosion and help water quality”, says David Forsman.


Forsmans received MN Ag Water Quality certification from MN Dept. of Agriculture.


Forsmans' Wetland Bank site constructed in 2018.