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2020 Tree Program

Trees are SOLD OUT for 2020.  Call the office or email Eric with your mailing address to be added to the 2021 mailing list.

New for 2020:

native landscapeNative seed packets contain 39 native prairie species.  This includes 7 grasses, 5 sedge, and 27 forbs. A composition list is available on our website on the tree program page. This mix is designed for part sun with 25-50% tree cover but can handle more direct sun as well.  Great for shady gardens and edges. It will cover approximately 400 sq. ft. but, can be used to enhance areas that lack diversity if sufficient preparations are done.

Native Plant Kits contain 36 plants consisting of 6 species in six 6-packs. The species included are ones that typically take a while to establish well in a seeding. They are great as enhancements to existing or new restoration areas, butterfly gardens, rain gardens and natural areas. Kits can be used with a native seed mix to increase diversity and bloom time in a planting.  Most species are sun loving, Nodding Onion can do well in part shade. 

Pollinator Garden Plug Kit: Meadow Blazing Star, Nodding Onion, Pale Purple Coneflower, Prairie Coreopsis, Prairie Smoke, Smooth Blue Aster.

  • Order form has been updated, Quantity should reflect number of bundles, packs, kits.
  • Tax is already included in the Total.
  • Trees come in bundles of 25 per species.
  • Order must be paid for at time of pick-up.
  • The preferred method of payment is check; however, the exact amount of cash will be accepted.

TREE PLANTING BARS: Several planting bars are available for hand planting. These bars are available first come, first served.

TREE PLANTER RENTAL:  The tree planter is not recommended if planting less than 300 trees. This machine makes light work out of a backbreaking job. The tree planter has its own hydraulic system to raise and lower the trencher. The tree planter can plant up to 5,000 trees per day.

  • COST:  $50 (plus tax) per 1/2 day - $100 (plus tax) per whole day.

How to install:

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