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This pack has a total of 10 trees/shrubs, 2 each of 5 different species.

Seedlings are 12-24 inches.


Allegheny Serviceberry: Amelanchier laevis a small understory tree, 6-20 feet, sometimes multi-trunked, usually found in forest edges, openings, and roadsides in part shade to sun in medium to dry soils. Showy, white 5-petaled flowers appear in early spring. Small round, edible fruit turns on dark purple/black when ripe in June. Berries can be harvested and used for jellies. Fruit is desirable to birds. 12-18” bareroots.


American Plum: Prunus americana is a small MN native tree, 10-25 ft tall. Plum can form dense thickets that make great wildlife habitat and natural snow fence. Spring flowers support pollinators. Fruit can be eaten raw or used for preserves or baking. Adaptable but prefers well drained soils and full/part sun. 18-24” bareroots.


Native Flowering Raspberry: Rubus odoratus is a 3-6 ft tall, colony forming shrub native to the eastern U.S. This thornless, shrubby plant has fragrant rose-purple colored spring flowers. Grows best in well-drained, medium soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers sand over clay. Dark red edible fruit resembles a raspberry. Similar species to thimbleberry. 18-24” bareroots.


Pecan: Carya illinoinensis is a large, 60-100 ft tree, native to the southern Mississippi River valley in the central U.S. as far north as Iowa and northern Illinois. Pecans are not native to MN but are being planted in Southern MN as a potential nut crop. In the genus Carya which is comprised of the hickory species. Prefers rich, moist, well-drained soils in full sun. Relatively fast growing. Known for its sweet, tasty nuts, used is desserts. Desirable for many wildlife species. 12-18” bareroots.


Persimmon: Diospyros virginiana is a medium to large, 30-60 ft tree, native to the southern and eastern U.S. Female trees’ spring flowers develop into round, bell-shaped fruit. In fall, ripe orangish fruit can be eaten raw or cooked into a variety of dishes and preserves. Fruit is sought by deer and many other wildlife. Very adaptable, preferring full to part sun, and moist to dry soils. Relatively fast growing. 12-18” bareroots.

Fruit/Nut 10 pack

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