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Educational Activities

kids at envirothon posing for picture

Junior / Senior Envirothon

The Envirothon is a competition where groups of five students representing schools from our community are tested on their knowledge of Minnesota's natural resources. Topics include forestry, soils, wildlife, and current environmental issues that change from year to year. The competition teaches the students about the environment and how they can become involved in protecting our natural resources now as students, and later as adults.

Environmental Education Days - 5th Grade Students

Established in 1983, this program is designed to increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes of 5th grade students in relation to the importance of caring for the environment. Initially begun as a one day event, this event has expanded into six full days (three fall days and three spring days) per school year and enlightens over 50 classes and 1,200 students annually.

Teacher with kids at outdoor environmental education days
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