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Cooperative Weed Management Area

The CWMA was formed due to concern of threats to native wetland, and terrestrial systems posed by invasive plant species in Wright County. Currently, Wright County Townships, Wright County Highway and Parks Departments, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Wright Soil and Water Conservation District, and some private landowners have partnered to control the spread of Wild Parsnip and a few other noxious weed species. More participation from private landowners and other entities could improve results long-term.

What is being done?

We continue with what was started in 2008 and work within our cooperative system, to control Wild Parsnip, Common Teasel, Round Leaf Bittersweet, Common Tansy, Leafy Spurge, Non-native Phragmites and Wild Carrot through education, and management options. An annual meeting is held each winter to educate and discuss issues of concern.

“Plan of Action”

  • Site visit with landowners to discuss identification and management.

  • Visits and technical support for townships

  • 100% cost reimbursement on herbicide

  • Timely identification and control of newly found populations

  • Enforcement by Ag Inspector


100% cost reimbursement on herbicide for treating Wild Parsnip, Common Teasel, Round Leaf Bittersweet, Common Tansy, Leafy Spurge and Non-native Phragmites is available to:

  • Wright County Private Landowners

  • Wright County Townships

  • Wright County Parks & Highway Departments

Contact: Taylor Osterberg – Wright County Ag Inspector - (763)-248-3162

people in conference room attending Cooperative Weed Management Area meeting
Technician standing in front of Phragamites

Wild Parsnip Resources

Wild Parsnip Lifecycle

Wild Parsnip Lifcycle from University of Minnesota Extension

Wild Parsnip Identification

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