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Tree Lined Park

Pre-orders for the annual tree sale is OPEN until April 15th.  Pick up times will be April 25 & 26, 3pm-7pm, April 27, 9am-12pm. Notifications via USPS mail will be distributed with pick up information.

If you did not place an order, remaining trees will be sold at these times as well. 


We will be at Wright County Public Works Building

(Shed A): 3500 Bradock Ave NE, Buffalo, MN 

Eric and Sandy at tree sale distribution shed

What is the Tree Program?

The Wright SWCD Tree Program is an annual program that provides low cost bare-root tree seedlings to anyone that wishes to participate, Wright County residents or not.

Each year we offer some of the staple species and rotate other species in, providing a variety from year to year. We focus on native tree and shrub species but may have some hardy non-natives such as lilac and crabapple.

  • A specialty pack is usually offered (hardwood pack, fruiting pack, flowering pack)

  • Native flowering plant kits are also available in a couple of different habitat type kits. A kit consists of six 6-packs of 6 different species, 36 plants in total.

  • Native seed mixes are available in 2 different habitat types as well.

Planting Equipment


Tree Planting Bars - Several planting bars are available for hand planting. These bars are available first come, first served.

Tree Planter Rental - The tree planter is not recommended if planting less than 300 trees. This machine makes light work out of a backbreaking job. The tree planter has its own hydraulic system to raise and lower the trencher. The tree planter can plant up to 5,000 trees per day.​ Contact Eric Mattson at 763-614-2922 to make reservation.

tree seedling bundles

25+ species are offered each year in 4 categories:

- Shrubs

- Small deciduous

- Large deciduous

- Conifers

tree planter equipment

Tree Planter Rental

Cost: $100 (plus tax) per whole day.

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