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Tubes and stakes ship directly from the manufacturer to you, if your shipping address differs from your billing address, please provide shipping address in the "address line 2" at checkout. The Tree Pro Tube is a " slit tube" that is rolled before installing. They are manufactured by TREE PRO out of recycled milk jugs. These 60 inch tall tubes come as flat sheets that roll to be 4.15" diameter. They act as a personal greenhouse for your tree and protect against deer and rabbits. The slit design allows easier monitoring, removal and possible reuse. Tubes must be held upright with a stake. Stakes the same height as tubes work well since attachment to the stake will be ~12" from the top of the tube. Tubes come with reversible zip-ties to hold the tube's form and attached to stakes. Holes are present to attach zip-ties along with vent holes. Also includes bird nets to prevent perching birds from falling in. 

Tree Pro Tree Tubes 60" - qty 25

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