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Prairie Strips Program

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

About Prairie Strips

Prairie Strips are a new CRP practice that makes a big impact with a small change.

By changing 10% of acres to STRIPs, farmers are seeing a 90% reduction of erosion and 85% decrease in nutrient run-off. This practice is also great for the habitat of pollinators and other wildlife.

Wright County has special incentives for farmers interested in adding prairie strips to their farm! These incentives are only available for a limited time so contact us today!

Why Prairie Strips?
  • One of the only CRP practices that can be used for headlands and turnarounds for farm equipment

  • Strips can be placed anywhere on your farm with eligible cropping history

  • Perfect for field edges with low yields or on contours

  • Improves water quality leaving your farm and reduces erosion

  • Farmers qualify for an additional $50/acre/year on top of CRP payments for 10 or 15 year contracts

  • Improve wildlife and pollinator habitat on your farm

  • Sign up at any time of year


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