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Wright SWCD Annual Photo Contest Open!

Updated: Apr 19

Contest Rules

Submit photo(s) in one of the four contest categories by December 1, 2024. Select photo entries will be posted on the Wright SWCD’s website and Facebook page.

  • Photos must be taken between January 1 and December 1, 2024

  • All photos entered in the contest must be taken within Wright County

  • No edited/photoshopped pictures will be accepted

How to Enter

  1. Click on entry form and fill out general information

  2. Email the form with your attached pictures to

  3. Wait to see if your photo is selected! The winner will be notified directly in December

One first and second place winner will be chosen in each of the four categories. First place winners will receive a prize of $100 and second place will receive $50. Multiple entries are accepted. Entry Forms available on our website.

Below are our 1st place winners from 2023. Enjoy!

Category 1: Landscape & Wildlife Photo entries should represent the natural environment that can be found on one of our many landscapes in Wright County such as prairie, forest, lakes, wetlands, etc.

Category 2: Active Recreation Photos entered in this category should showcase the active recreational opportunities offered by the lakes and streams in Wright County. Activities may include, but are not limited to; canoeing, kayaking, boating, swimming, tubing, hiking, wading, fishing and hunting.

Category 3: Humorous or Unusual Observation

This category allows you to use your imagination. Entries can include unusual wildlife, recreation, catches, or just an unusual photo.

Category 4: Conservation Efforts Depictions of conservation practices at work on the landscape such as tree plantings, native vegetation, clean-up efforts, water sampling, and cropland conservation.


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